Why Claroty Joined the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance

Last week, the International Society of Automation’s (ISA) announced the creation of the Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA), and we’re proud to share that Claroty is a founding member.

Championing cybersecurity awareness and readiness in industrial enterprise and critical infrastructure environments has been core to Claroty’s mission from Day 1, which is why we’re proud to have played a role in the creation of the GCA. We’re honored to be working alongside a collection of industry leaders and strategic partners such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric, and even a competitor, as founding members –– to advance awareness and expertise within the industry by openly sharing knowledge and information, and developing best practice tools to help industrial asset owners navigate the lifecycle of cybersecurity for their operational technology environments.

The purpose of the GCA is to help companies and communities – particularly those in the industrial sectors (manufacturing, commercial buildings, critical infrastructure facilities, etc.) - stay ahead of the threat curve. Organizations in these industries need to identify new ways to prevent, mitigate, and respond to significant threats and attacks, and part of the Alliance’s job will be to develop assets that will help them navigate the evolving threat landscapes.

Working closely with government agencies, regulatory bodies, and stakeholder organizations around the world, the GCA will focus on expanding the development and use of industry standards, creating education and certification programs and advocate for cybersecurity awareness and sensible approaches.

Essentially, the ISA is the developer of the ANSI/ISA 62443 series of automation and control systems cybersecurity standards that tell us the WHATs for securing technology, and the GCA will be developing the all-important HOWs – the training, tools and know-how to bridge the gap between the standards and implementation of the standards.

Our Chief Security Officer, Dave Weinstein, summarized this well, “One of the most effective ways to drive consistency in an industry is by putting standards in place, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with all of these founding members, as well as future Alliance members, to help drive global best-practices forward in this historically standard-less environment. Claroty is committed to the mission of protecting all IoT and OT networks from cyber risks. Through our work with the Global Cybersecurity Alliance, we will be able to help shape the future of cybersecurity in these high-risk industries.”

On behalf of all of the GCA founding members, we welcome participation from other industrial assets owners, automation and control systems providers, security solution providers, integrators and other organizations engaged in industrial cybersecurity to join the GCA. Companies interested in joining can request more info here or reach out to Rick Zabel at rzabel@isa.org.