Why I Joined Claroty

I spent the better part of the last two decades working in the cyber security market. I witnessed some incredible threats, breaches and events over that time including the dawning of the Chinese military threat that affected thousands of organizations from 2008-2015, sophisticated criminal hacks in the retail industry, the brazen shutdown of Sony by North Korea, and recent Russian actor activity in America’s election process.  And the writing is on the wall for an unfortunate next phase; attacks on industrial networks are coming, as evidenced by the continued probing of US critical infrastructure and recent attacks on the Ukrainian power grid.

With all that we have seen, this latest development is the most alarming. The attacks that we talked of as theoretical and that we once thought represented a "red-line" that was too bright for anyone to cross, are becoming a reality. Industrial networks are now a target of our adversaries – and not just nation-state actors.  We are already seeing cyber criminals attack these networks with ransomware. What we need to understand is that industrial networks are everywhere­ – in oil & gas, chemical, transportation and manufacturing and even building and data center management systems. These networks power our industries and underpin our global financial system. If they are disrupted or held hostage our world doesn’t work. In my mind, the challenge of our times as security professionals is to protect these networks from the coming storm.

We are witnessing the rapid digital transformation of industrial control system (ICS) networks – and with that transformation the introduction of major safety and security challenges. While traditional security companies paid lip service to ICS security, it has taken a back seat to other disciplines. With unprecedented and rapidly increasing risk, change must be immediate and the market favors the bold. I have been following these dynamics closely, and Claroty is the company that stood out as the one to lead this revolution.

Today I am proud to join Claroty as Chairman of the Board.

Claroty was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel by some brilliant minds, including founders who served on the front lines, within elite cyber units of the Israeli Defense Force.  The company has created a world-class software platform that safely and securely protects critical infrastructure.  They have analyzed dozens of ICS protocols, create a fine-grain model of a customer’s ICS network and employ sophisticated algorithms to detect anomalous and other high-risk activities that can harm industrial processes. To learn more, I invite you to download this solution brief. Better yet, if you are going to RSA, come see Claroty on Monday at the Innovation Sandbox competition or drop me a line and we will schedule a meeting. I’d love to connect with you at RSA or connect you to the Claroty team.

I look forward to working with the devoted team at Claroty for many years to come. We’re on a mission to protect the most important networks in the world.


To arrange a meeting at RSA or beyond, please contact Steve Ward (steve@claroty.com).