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The State of Industrial Cybersecurity

| Galina Antova, Dave Weinstein

Today, we published the first edition of The State of Industrial Cybersecurity. This first-of-its-kind commentary examines the issues that are increasing risk to the world’s critical infrastructure and key industrial systems, and why there is such urgency for industrial operators to protect their OT environments.

The current state of industrial cybersecurity is the result of a confluence of factors that have significantly increased the level of risk; a perfect storm. Industrial networks are more networked and more valuable today than ever before. This has made them more vulnerable to cyberthreats and more aggressively targeted by nation-state actors seeking to cause mass disruption in order to serve a larger geopolitical agenda. Corporate boards and the C-suite are becoming increasingly aware of the need for immediate action and this paper provides context for these business leaders to more fully understand the challenge so they are better prepared to address it.

Collectively, the Claroty team has decades of operational experience in industrial cybersecurity and the content in this paper is drawn from that real-world knowledge. But what makes this commentary particularly unique, is that we asked some of the premier thought-leaders from business, cybersecurity, government, and industrial automation, to share their perspective about the state of industrial cybersecurity. Among those who contributed are:

  • General (Ret.) Keith B. Alexander - former Director of the National Security Agency and Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, CEO of IronNet Cybersecurity
  • Eric Schmidt - Founding Partner of Innovation Endeavors and former Executive Chairman of Alphabet
  • Roland Busch - Chief Technology Officer and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG
  • Dirk Hoke - CEO Airbus Defense and Space
  • Christophe Blassiau - Digital Security Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of Schneider Electric
  • Dan Ennis, former Director NSA National Threat Operations Center, Head of Threat Intelligence and Operations of BlueVoyant
  • Charles Carmakal - Vice President, FireEye/Mandiant

We invite you to download the paper, read it, and distribute it to your colleagues, your management, and anyone who would benefit from a straight-forward view of the state of industrial cybersecurity.

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