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Bringing a Gun to a Knife-Fight with Real-Time Vulnerability Detection

| Assaf Regev

According to a recent Sans institute securing Industrial Control Systems-2017 report, over 67% of organizations rank Industrial Control Systems risk high in their list of priorities and focus. With highly destructive malware such as Industroyer (CrashOverride) and Triton/Trisis reflecting a rising tide of targeted attacks on ICS and OT networks—there is a growing need to strengthen visibility and provide deeper understanding and context-aware intelligence on new and emerging threats.

Understanding the vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit is no longer a nice-to-have capability; it is a means of reducing an organization’s overall attack surface and proactively improving cyber resiliency.

ICS cybersecurity solutions must extend their reach to provide comprehensive real-time vulnerability detection across all corners of the OT network.

Continuous Real-Time Vulnerability Detection Across the OT Network

This new capability provides deep insights into the ICS environment, including real-time updates on industrial control assets with known vulnerabilities and other network hygiene issues that can leave your network vulnerable to attack or lead to operational issues. To further reduce the exposure of industrial networks, the system provides fine-grained CVE matching down to the exact firmware versions for the various industrial devices discovered in your environment.

Armed with this intelligence, your security teams can proactively tend to specific vulnerabilities and not waste time on issues that do not apply. By running the recommended patches, you can reduce the ICS network attack surface all without causing downtime of your critical operational assets.

Take a two minute tour with Ron Rasin, Director of Product Management, to see an overview of what this new capability is all about.

With a set of new features and other new capabilities, Claroty further strengthens its position as the industry’s most complete ICS cybersecurity platform. So, for those tasked with detecting real-time vulnerabilities across all corners of the OT network, the lesson from “The Untouchables” holds true: Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Instead, bring the right kind of tools for the job.

Make sure to catch a glimpse of the full feature-set of the 2018 Winter release here.

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