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Claroty Wins Defcon 27 ICS CTF!

| Brendan Hummel

Defcon 2019

ICYMI, Claroty brought home the hallowed "Black Badge" from DEF CON this weekend when our researchers beat out 100 teams to earn first place in the Hack the Plan[e]t Capture the Flag (CTF) contest hosted by the ICS Village.  The contest included both an interactive IoT challenge called Howdy Neighbor and a ICS range.  Jeff Moss, founder of Black Hat and DEFCON, called it  the "first of its kind CTF will integrate both Internet of Things (IoT) and ICS environments with interactive components for competitors to test their skills and knowledge.

According to ICS Village, the challenge included "over 18 emulated or real devices and over 40 vulnerabilities that have been staged as challenges.  Each of the challenges are of varying levels to test a competitors' ability to find vulnerabilities in an IoT environment.” Among other great accomplishments in the CTF, our team was the first ever to solve the iToaster 3 challenge, and managed to get an RCE

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Needless to say, we're proud of this accomplishment and our hats are off to all of the great teams that participated.

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