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Improving Your Network Security Posture with Virtual Segmentation

| Assaf Regev

You’ll recall from our recent Fall release announcement, that we have added some significant new functionality in the form of virtual zones and network segmentation to our flagship Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) product. Today, I’d like to walk you through what this is and how it can help to quickly improve your network security posture and accelerate your network segmentation initiatives.

I believe one of the most important actions industrial asset owners can take to protect their operational technology (OT) networks from cyberattacks is implementing solid network segmentation. However, network segmentation projects can require lengthy design and implementation periods. Often, the extended timelines come from the difficulty networking teams have in planning and designing segmentation schemes. This is usually a direct result of limited or outdated information about how the industrial network is configured and operating in its current production state; this is where a Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection plays a pivotal role.

For a quick overview of the new functionality, watch this short video:

Claroty’s CTD provides network, operations and security teams with a deep, always-current, view of ICS network assets, communications, protocols and communication patterns. The system discovers all assets and asset configuration details across the entire industrial network – including application layer specific operational commands. The information in this network “map” can then be used to help network segmentation in two ways.

First, CTD can automatically group similar network assets into “virtual zones” with specifically-designed sensitivity policies to highlight and prioritize alerts that show potentially malicious communication between virtual network segments. We call this “virtual segmentation”. 

Alternatively, network administrators and security personnel can use the contents of the network topography as the blueprint for designing and architecting logical or physical network segmentation projects and thus accelerate new or existing segmentation initiatives.

Download our new whitepaper Accelerating Network Segmentation Initiatives with Claroty Continuous Threat Detection” for more detail on how Claroty can help reduce risk and  accelerate your network segmentation efforts.

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