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Expanding Claroty Platform - Secure Remote Access and Other New Features

| Steve Ward

We are very excited to unveil the latest release of Claroty Platform which includes a brand-new product, called Secure Remote Access, plus significant enhancements to our flagship anomaly detection product.  The third integrated product within the Claroty Platform, Secure Remote Access joins Continuous Threat Detection (previously Ranger) and Claroty Enterprise Manager which enables, multi-site organizations to consolidate alerts and manage risk across their global enterprise from single console.


Secure Remote Access enables asset owners to control, manage and audit remote access to critical industrial systems. Many CISOs shared horror stories with us about insecure remote access to their industrial networks and several shop floor teams have lamented the inability to control and audit what third-party contractors are doing when the remotely access their industrial environment.  This new product is integrated with Continuous Threat Detection and Enterprise Management Console products, which collectively provide unmatched cyber-risk management for industrial control environments.


Secure Remote Access includes multiple features enabling industrial asset owners to significantly reduce risk and to manage and audit access to their most critical systems.


Key capabilities include:

  • Access Control – selectively control who is permitted to remotely access industrial systems including management workstations, HMIs, Historians and other important endpoints that are common in industrial environments. Control when, and for how long, any given employee or contractor can access each endpoint.
  • Workflow – manage, approve and track all requests for remote access to your most important systems.
  • Session Recording – high-definition session recordings provide full accountability for each session. Track exactly what was done and match it to maintenance tickets for unmatched auditability.
  • Password Vaulting – eliminate shared passwords, protect your most valuable credentials, and enable compliance with password change policies without the hassle of coordinating changes across multiple individual organizations.
  • Integration – Includes “out of the box” integration with Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection and Enterprise Management Console products, and can be easily integrated with ticketing systems for improved work-flow automation. SRA also provides syslog output for integration with SIEM and log management products.

Secure Remote Access, previously in “limited release” mode, has been used in production environments by Claroty customers for over a year.


Watch Ron Raisin, our Director of Product Management, give a “Quick Tour” of Secure Remote Access.



The release of Claroty Platform also includes significant updates to the company’s market leading Continuous Threat Detection product. 


Highlights include:

  • Enhanced Alerts – enhancements to the company’s unmatched security and process integrity alerts–including context such as the actual code differences for alerts regarding controller logic changes–improve collaboration between SOC and Shop Floor teams and enable customers to rapidly investigate and remediate issues.
  • New UI/UX – a fully redesigned user interface provides asset owners with a beautiful and comprehensive view of their ICS network. The revised interface provides a streamlined user experience including multiple network views, advanced filtering and efficient navigation.
  • Network Insights/Vulnerability Mitigation – new CVE matching with automatically discovered assets enables asset owners to continuously monitor their systems for new vulnerabilities and prioritize patch management activities. The system also includes new capabilities further exposing how industrial networks are configured and communicating – enabling teams to discover network hygiene issues and eliminate configuration related vulnerabilities.
  • Improved Alerting – featuring a new consolidated alerts page and market-leading alert context such as diffs for configuration downloads.
  • Enhanced Risk Management - extended visibility into serial nodes and additional protocol coverage.

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